Helping you with the next move

We work alongside your company to become and
extension of your team


The face of your company is your brand. WestMountain Company is here to help you make your brand distinct, appealing, recognizable and memorable.

It is our job to work alongside your team to create and implement your unique brand strategy.

Our goal is to establish your brand in all areas of marketing and public relations. We will help you achieve your branding through online marketing, stock marketing, small business marketing, niche marketing and start-up marketing. Each of these areas has a specific set of parameters that we will implement.

Content Distribution

Once you’ve accomplished writing optimized content, you are half way there. The second step to gaining quality leads and achieving sales is to distribute your message effectively. That is where we shine. West Mountain Company partners with a national database of thousands of media contacts looking for stories about YOU. We position you directly in front of them.

We also scour the internet for relevant stories and articles that reference your area of expertise and put together an organic list of contacts who are already writing about the happenings in your industry. We are your advocates and sales team online so you don’t have to be.

Content Creation

Our world has entered into a new day in age where content is no longer just an explanation of who you are. The content on your page is now an advertisement of your company.

Each page on your site should be carefully written to include SEO terms that can be found easily; therefore optimizing your site to rank higher in organic searches.

West Mountain Company will build landing pages latent with SEO terms embedded in your content. Every page will be a separate advertisement in it of itself.

Value Add

Through implementation of strategy, content creation and distribution we are able to provide a measurable value-add to our portfolio companies.